Northwest Territories & Nunavut

Canadian Council
of Natural Mothers

NUNAVUT is using Northwest Territories adoption legislation. As Nunavut just came into being on April 1, 1999, they deal only with adoptions since that date. Prior adoptions prior remain under the jurisdiction of the Northwest Territories and requests for identifying, non-identifying information, search and reunion must be made to that government. They have an active Registry. Any part of the adoption triangle can apply for identifying or non-identifying information and efforts will be made to assist. As there is only one staff person doing this work, the time involved may be lengthy. Searches are also done at the request of the client.

For adoptions prior to 1998, identifying information can be provided to adoptees and birthparents. If all the parties are in agreement, the system used in those kinds of matters is a system wherein information could be provided at the discretion of the Superintendent of Child Welfare (as was legislated in the "old" Child Welfare Act)

For adoptions that have occurred since November 1,1998, when the "new" Adoption Act came into force: - when the adoptee becomes of legal age (19 in the Northwest Territories), any party involved, that is the birthparent(s), adopting parent(s), extended family (if consent has been provided on the record), birthchild, can be provided with identifying information. - They can come to the Office of the Registrar and ask to see the file.

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