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Out of the Fog (30 min video)

The video streams from the Internet site. It is not downloadable, and requires RealPlayer to be seen.

In this moving 33-minute video, three mothers who have lost children to adoption speak about their view of adoption in our society. One mother, Beki Brindle, speaks through her songs, Young Women’s Blues and Bad Doctor. Laura Watkins Lewis and Sandra Falconer Pace speak about the politics and language of adoption, describing how the adoption industry takes babies from mothers with no thought about the damage done to the mothers or children who lose one another. Quotes from Elisa Barton, Karen Wilson Buterbaugh, Sandra Jarvie and Dian Wellfare tie the segments together and cement the points that adoption as it is practised is more about the wishes of the established, the people who want another person’s child, and the adoption brokers who make their living from the pain of mothers and their babies.


Reviewed by Sandra Falconer Pace



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